// Beginnings //

In my head, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And if there can be a bad feeling behind something, I will feel it. Earlier this week I decided that I need to practice being a "pessimist in progress." Leading up to Warped Tour, my brain has been focused on the negative. The heat, the sweat, the exhaustion, the culture that creates personal conflict. Losing sight of why I am going out on the road is easy for me. And I want to try and change that inner, cyclical, one-sided conversation I have been having so often. 

I like to believe that I love people, and I like to believe that I love them well. Most of the time I come off aggressive and intense and wildly loathing of all people and things.  But damn, I love people. My life is made better by those in my life, and that's what To Write Love on Her Arms is all about. People. Thousands of people will walk into Warped Tour excited to see their favorite bands, hundreds of those people will interact with me at the TWLOHA booth every single day. I want to love the people of Warped Tour, and I want to love them well. I hope that they can walk away from the TWLOHA booth feeling encouraged, feeling hopeful. Maybe they're struggling, maybe my words will be what they need to hear in that specific moment. You never know what any single person is carrying, and it's my job to lighten the load. 

So, I won't sigh deeply when I see boxes upon boxes lined up with my name on them. I won't feel unnecessarily overwhelmed by spreadsheets and schedules. I won't allow myself to lose sight of why I am going on the road. 

For people.